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21 Fun Activities to do with your Chihuahua

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As a dedicated Chihuahua parent, I bet one of your favorite things to do is spend time with your Chihuahua.
woman sitting outside holding a chihuahua dog

Not only is this something you love doing, but it is also legitimately important! Quality time with your dog helps you bond with your dog, and also may help you to relax and stress less. The best part is you can start strengthening your bond with your Chihuahua today!

Here are my top 21 Fun Activities To Do With Your Chihuahua:

1. Go For A Walk 

There are lots of benefits associated with going for walks together for both dogs and owners. Even though Chihuahuas are tiny, they have exercise needs too, and so do you.

Since their little legs cannot walk quite as far as ours, consider purchasing a puppy stroller or puppy back pack when going long distances.

Most neighborhoods have a side walk to walk on, or you can visit local parks. Always use a leash and harness to keep your canine companion safe.

2. Play With Puzzles

There are many dog puzzles available for purchase online, or you could search for instructions on how to make your own at home.

Not only is it fun to watch your Chihuahua figure out the puzzle, but it also is good to give her a challenge that makes her think.

Fill the puzzle with your Chihuahua’s breakfast or dinner, or with low calorie treats if between meals, such as cut up pieces of carrots and apples.

3. Go To A Garden Center

Walking your Chihuahua around a garden center can be very relaxing for you and offers lots of interesting smells for him.

He will also love all the attention he might get from staff and other customers.

4. Bake Homemade Treats And Host A Taste Testing Party

Check out our easy treats to make post and make them for your Chihuahua to have a taste testing party with her favorite furry friends.

5. Take A Road Trip

chihuahua looking out the window in red car

Take a road trip with your chi

Think of local landmarks that you could visit if you had a day to dedicate to visiting them.

If your Chihuahua enjoys riding in the car, take a trip every other weekend.

She will enjoy smelling new smells and meeting new people who want to pet her.

Buy a map and check off all the places you visit together and take lots of pictures!

6. Go Shopping

Take your Chihuahua shopping at every local pet store near your home and hunt for bargain supplies for your dog and to donate to dog rescues.

Searching for dog toys tiny enough to fit in their little mouths usually takes a few trips.

7. Kayak

Since Chihuahuas are so good at snuggling and traveling compactly, rent a kayak and row around the lake with your favorite first mate in your lap.

Be sure to find a doggy life jacket for your Chihuahua before hitting the water. They are available in bright colors for safety.

This safety necessity does not have to be boring though; there are mermaid or shark life jackets available!

8. Play Hide and Seek

Have your Chihuahua wait in another room and hide snacks and toys for her to find.

If she needs to lose some weight this activity is great low impact exercise, as it would get her walking around the house more. It is also mentally stimulating.

9. Go To A Starbucks With A Drive-Thru 

Dogs are not allowed inside Starbucks, so find a Starbucks with a drive-thru and order a “puppacino”, which is whipped cream in a cup.

This makes an adorable photo-op especially when your Chihuahua’s name is on the cup!

10. Go To Wineries Or Breweries 

There are many wineries or breweries that are dog friendly or that host dog friendly events. You will sample delicious drinks, and your Chihuahua will make new friends.

11. Sign Up for A Training Class

Enroll your Chihuahua in obedience class. This is a great bonding experience and will help your Chihuahua become more polite and provide her with a mental challenge.

12. Photo Shoot 

chihuahua puppy with lots of purple flowers around them

Take a photo shoot of your chihuahua

Brainstorm cute or funny photograph ideas to take with your Chihuahua and post them to social media. If they are well received, maybe your Chihuahua could become a social media star!

13. Raise Money For Rescue 

If your Chihuahua was a rescue, the cause of Chihuahua rescue is probably near and dear to your heart.

Participate in a rescue’s charity walk, or bake goods or make crafts and sell them to raise money for the rescue.

If those options are not possible, find out what supplies your favorite rescue needs the most, then hunt for bargains and clip coupons to purchase those items for them.

14. Go On A Sniff-fari 

Wild animal scents in wax form in chapstick tubes are available for sale online or at outdoors stores that sell hunting equipment.

Purchase a few scents and “mark” your yard and places where your Chihuahua likes to walk. Then watch her follow her nose!

15. Massage

2 adorable chihuahuas on backs getting belly rubs

Give your chihuahua a massage

Your Chihuahua probably loves being petted and scratched, which are forms of massage.

Research dog massage techniques, then gently massage your Chihuahua with the methods you learned for some quality bonding.

16. Bury Treasure 

Fill a shallow Tupperware container, or pie dish, or mini plastic pool, with clean sand or clean dirt free from fertilizer.

Bury some toys and let your Chihuahua check it out. Even if he has never dug for anything before, you might be surprised at how quickly he takes to digging for buried treasure!

17. Yoga 

Search for a dog friendly yoga class, or if you cannot find one, search for a yoga instructor who does private lessons who would be happy to include your Chihuahua.

Most Chihuahuas love laying on yoga mats if they cannot lay on their favorite person, so even if a pose does not allow for your Chihuahua to “help” you, she will likely be happy to curl up next to you on your yoga mat.

18. Go Out To Eat 

There are many restaurants that have dog friendly patios. Some even host special events that benefit dog rescue.

Many small ice cream stores have special ice creams for dogs on the menu.

Find somewhere that you enjoy going and make it one of your regular spots to support a dog friendly small business; and for all the attention your Chihuahua will get.

19. Learn New Tricks 

chihuahua giving high five to person's hand

Teach your chihuahua some new tricks

Search for how to videos to train your Chihuahua some new tricks. Once you have mastered it, post a video online for all you friends to marvel at your furry little genius!

20. Brighten Someone’s Day 

Find a local assisted living facility and or hospital that allows dogs to visit.

Inquire if a dog must be an American Kennel Club Good Citizen, or if a small well behaved dog may visit even without that accolade, as this is a common requirement.

Take your Chihuahua in to visit with residents or patients; your Chihuahua will love the attention and the residents will have a sweeter day.

It might be so much fun that you begin doing it regularly, which gives you more fun activities to do with your Chihuahua, like making costumes for holidays.

I did this for many years with my terri-poo Joey and it was something we both loved and looked forward to.

21. Make Your Chihuahua A “Blanket Burrito” And Snuggle

After owning a Chihuahua for any amount of time, you will learn that these little guys really love to snuggle.

After a day of fun, wrap your Chihuahua up in a blanket (also known as making a Chihuahua blanket burrito) and snuggle.

Regular blankets work for this, or you could order a burrito blanket for authenticity.

Closing Considerations

No matter what activities you choose to do with your Chihuahua, keep in mind how important it is to “be present”.

Minimize the time you spend on your cell phone and give your canine companion oodles of one on one attention. Your Chihuahua will be happy no matter what activity you do as long as he does it with you!

Let us know in the comments what activities you like to do with your chihuahua!










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