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Funny Chihuahuas

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I hope you enjoy looking at the photos of these funny Chihuahuas as much as I did. You may not find all of them funny. Some of them just struck me that way I guess. But regardless, you should find this post entertaining looking at all this Chi adorableness!

As usual, I have added whatever details that I know about the Chihuahuas and their pet parents.
Sweet Pea the ChihuahuaThis adorable little Chihuahua is Sweet Pea and she is enjoying her vacation in Florida in this picture. Her mommy is Joyce Fruge.


Chihuahua in dogglesThis little Chi is ready for their car ride! So cute! Kelly Cavanaugh‎ is the pet parent.


Marty the ChihuahuaLittle Marty hates her hat but her mom Lexi Sanfino‎ says she will wear it to get to go out for a drink with her.


Dixie the ChihuahuaBaby Dixie is 1 now but obviously still wants to be a baby. LOL! So sweet! She is loved by Staci Weiher.


white ChihuahuaI don’t know the name of this cutie pie but I do know she’s a girl, and her mom Rachel Pittard Rinehart‎ says she is a loud snorer.


Max the ChihuahuaMax looks so cute in his little country hat, doesn’t he? He has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. His mom is Marilyn Longmire.


Chichi the ChihuahuaChichi looks like she’s had one too many in this post doesn’t she? Or maybe a bout of car sickness. Her mom Wendie Ode‎ says Chichi does something everyday to make her smile.


Bella Sue Sharp the ChihuahuaBella Sue looks so adorable in this photo, doesn’t she? Silly girl! Her mom is Holly Sharp.


Jose the ChihuahuaCindy Parson Webb says this was Jose’s first time in the grass. I’m not sure he knows what to think about all that green stuff.


ChihuahuaI don’t know this little Chi’s name but he or she looks like they are carrying on quite the conversation. Kristan Nicole is the pet mom.


Chloe the ChihuahuaThis is Chloe in her Biker Gear. Doesn’t she look bad to the bone? Wendy Ryder is her mom.


Bootsie Bleu the ChihuahuaThis picture of Bootsie Bleu (also known as BB) is just so adorable. It makes me giggle every time I look at it. Dudley and Pam Hazelwood are the pet parents.


Funny ChihuahuaI don’t know who this Chi baby is but this picture makes me laugh! Love it! Peggy Meeks is the mom.


Billy Nicholson‎This little guy is named Billy and he says his family thinks he is super. He belongs to Donna Nicholson‎.


Chihuahua with glassesThis little girl must be the studious type. She belongs to Sunny Stultz-Dunaway‎.


Jenesis the ChihuahuaJenesis looks funny (but in a cute way) in this hat. She belongs to Missy Dawn.


Elissa Chloé‎This silly little girl is named Chloé and she belongs to Elissa Chloé‎.


white ChihuahuaElmarie Jordan says this is her baby but didn’t give her baby’s name. Such a funny little Chi!


Tuesday the ChihuahuaHere’s another one that made me laugh! This is Tuesday and her mommy is Francine Ocello Jackson‎.


Nita the ChihuahuaLittle Nita loves to garden. Dirty faced little puppy! Her mom is Shelly Surette.


Lobo the ChihuahuaHow freaking adorable is this? Little Lobo can eat his dinner and then take a nap, all in the same bowl. His daddy is  Josue Santiago Quiles‎.


BeBe the ChihuahuaDon’t you just love Bebe’s over bite? Such a cutie. She belongs to Rita Fraterrigo.


funny ChihuahuaAnother Chi photo that I laughed as soon as I saw it. So adorably funny! This Chihuahua belongs to Debbie Hollowell Putman.


Zoey the ChihuahuaZoey has one long tongue action going on there. Kathy Haldeman says Zoey enjoys exploring the world with her mommy and daddy in her daddy’s big truck.


 Jackson the ChihuahuaDon’t ask me why this photo struck me as funny. I don’t know, it just did. This is Jackson and he belongs to Tina Jackson.


Broo-no Marz the ChihuahuaAnother one that I found funny. I think it’s because of the look he’s giving here. I believe his name is Broo-no Marz and belongs to Danielle Donohue Niksich‎.

That’s it for this gallery post of funny Chihuahuas. Which one did you like the best? It’s hard to decide but I think the one of Tuesday in the fake nose and glasses is the funniest to me. Love them all though!

Linda Bolin

Friday 12th of March 2021

Thank U so much,for all the sweet photo's.It makes me feel so proud,i have 4 and i have one outside,,i love these babies,,as much as i love my own,,because ,they never get tired,of caring and watching over me,,please if u get the chance,please u will never ever regret when u adopt any of this breed,,God bless u all,,My babies are mommy,daddy ,happy boy,,and muffin,my smallest and most pigish with her treats..Have a blessed week,and for the ladies fur babies that have gone across the rainbow brige,my heart goes out to u,,Angel..


Friday 12th of March 2021

Glad you enjoyed the photos.


Monday 12th of October 2020

Made my day. Thank you.


Monday 12th of October 2020

You're welcome Jeff!


Wednesday 18th of March 2020

I love looking at these it cheered me up As I’m self isolating due to having 40%. Lung function so am in the high risk category But these made my day Love them all so adorable x


Wednesday 18th of March 2020

I'm so glad this helped bring you some joy Pipa. We all need that now, don't we.

Dixie Greschuk

Saturday 14th of March 2020

Thanks once again for fabulous pics!!! I want every one of them but the one I might try to steal is Lobo, WHAT A CUTIE AND SO TINY!!! I will take Marty, too. I love the tiny ones so much. Kristen Nicole has such a beautiful chi. Reminds me of Lucy. The long hair and those colors are just fantastic looking together.


Saturday 14th of March 2020

Glad you enjoyed it Dixie!


Friday 13th of March 2020

Is my chi, Milo an apple or deer? She’s a rescue I got 6 years ago. Doesn’t matter just curious. She such a good girl. Endless hugs for me lol. Thanks ahead of time.

Linda Bolin

Friday 12th of March 2021

@Cathy, yes,,she is,,i have 2 ,,but 2 boys too,,love them,all..


Friday 13th of March 2020

Though her snout is slightly long for an applehead, I still think that's what she is. At least at this angle she looks to have the bulbous head that appleheads have. She's a cutie!